Ethernet Fibre from TelcoSwitch offers our customers security, reliability, scalability and high uncontended bandwidth. We achieve this by leveraging our diverse and resilient national network, by doing so we have the ability to deliver an ultra low latency and highly cost effective solution to all business across the UK. 

Our fibre is the perfect for offering customers a highly reliable and stable business grade internet connection, with the added ability to choose between our multiple enterprise router configurations. In turn, this will allow you to achieve everything you need from the Fibre. Additionally, we have the ability, mid contract, to give you a “re-grade”. This means you aren’t confined to the same bandwidth for the contract term. 

At TelcoSwitch, we pride ourselves on offering our customers an ‘End to End’ solution. This means, in the unlikely event that a fault occurs, we will be able to pinpoint the exact cause. Our SipSwitch and CallSwitch services work seamlessly with our Ethernet Fibre and are provisioned perfectly to meet your deadline. 

Ethernet Fibre


Scalable speeds from 10Mbps to 10Gbps: Ideal for growing businesses, scale up as your business needs change

Uncontended Bandwidth: The bandwidth agreed will be unshared with anyone else, this is known as 1:1 a contention ratio

Ultra-low latency: Due to our continuing investment in infrastructure we are able to provide market leading latencies

Industry leading SLA: 24/7/365 UK based support wrapped in our industry leading SLA

Diverse and Auto-failover options: We can offer diverse and auto-failover options to ensure maximum uptime

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