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Ethernet first mile (EFM)

EFM provides a high-speed, resilient and symmetrical internet connection using existing copper lines. This means it’s much more cost-effective and has a shorter lead time than traditional Ethernet solutions. Ethernet in the First Mile can offer businesses the bandwidth they need to embrace remote working and the latest communication infrastructures. Technologies such as video conferencing and VoIP benefit from the stability, as well as the uncontended bandwidth that it delivers.

Different EFM Packages

EFM is the start of the Ethernet portfolio. Nevertheless, we offer our partners, customers and wholesalers two differing variations of this product – regular and Lite. EFM Lite is a highly cost effective solution which carries all the same benefits as it’s regular counterpart, with the only difference being it is a 3Mpbs synchronous connection, instead of the average 5-7Mbps that regular EFM will give you. This is perfect for SME’s who are budget conscious but rely on a stable internet connection.

If either EFM or the Lite vairent are to be used in conjunction with any CallSwitch solution, TelcoSwitch are able to pre-configure a free enterprise grade router which will have our high performing QoS configuration just for your voice traffic. In turn, this will allow you to make and receive high-definition calls which will be prioritised from your site, through our entire network, then delivered exactly where they need to be.


Resilient and fault tolerant:  Uses multiple copper pairs, should one pair fail service will still continue

Low cost installation: Uses existing infrastructure so installations rarely have additional costs

Industry leading SLA: 24/7/365 UK based support wrapped in our industry leading SLA

Symmetrical Speeds: Up to 20Mbps symmetrical speed

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