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Network diagram & Server Infrastructure

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Our platform is built on Asterisk - an open source framework for building communications applications. Our network and servers have been built to the highest level of resilience.

We are connected into the UK’s only true voice network and our industry leading Linux Based Dell server clusters are located across two data centres.

Our main data centre – Volta - offers industry leading resilience in central London benefiting from two separate 33kV supplies, from two independent grid substations. In each cluster we run load balanced controllers and hosts.

We connect to the PSTN using direct SS7. Our IP traffic flows directly over uncontended links to our peers. We peer extensively over LINX and LonAP as well as privately to ensure that traffic is handed to other ISPs locally wherever possible.

Our Network

Data Centres


Via our connectivity partners, we peer with:

The Network Diagram showing our servers’ locations.

Our primary data centre is London Volta. In addition to being highly resilient and concurrently maintainable to the highest Tier III standards, Volta provides a colocation centre of choice in the heart of the London.

Locating within Volta expands our company’s reach – giving our business and our customers direct and fast access to all the internet offers, as well as other data centres across the globe.

Volta’s London carrier neutral data centre has many of the worlds’ leading carriers on-site ensuring ultra-fast and resilient connectivity. This includes ten Tier I carriers and an array of Tier II providers. As a result, the connectivity that Volta provides is not reliant upon a single fibre provider – it is a diverse range of fibre connections, including significant back-up options.

Volta’s high-density data centre is fed by two separate 33kV feeds and has two dedicated 33kV transformers on-site. This gives Volta two direct feeds on separate redundant grid rings, providing a level of resilience that no other central London data centre facility can match.

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