Powerful infrastructure for a powerful cloud communications platform

We understand the performance levels that customers need to stay connected, which is why we built a network that offers unmatched performance, resilience and uptime.

A UC network you can rely on

Our secure, resilient and scalable infrastructure powers the Unified Communications needs of over 180,000 users every day, and all built and deployed in Google Cloud Services.

The world’s best load balancing

Google’s load balancing allows us to evenly distribute traffic, enabling us to rapidly scale without impact.

Every user, every server, everywhere

Distribution across multiple instances helps us ensure high availability, even in the event of instance failures.

The power of our ‘Nebula’ proxy

Our proxy, ‘Nebula’ inspects every call, traps malformed traffic, and delivers algorithmic fraud & surcharge protection.

The best products deserve the best public-cloud infrastructure

By deploying in Google’s public cloud infrastructure, CallSwitch One servers can be brought online or offline automatically in response to demand, maximising performance and improving both network and environmental efficiency. Google Cloud Services enables us to provide global high-availability, horizontal scalability, and industry-leading resilience along with reduced latency that outperforms even geographically local choices.

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