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Voice & video meetings

Enhance internal collaboration with voice and video conferencing. Bring colleagues together with scheduled or ad-hoc meetings, accessible from the Communicator App or your web browser, including screen-share, in-meeting chat, and more.
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Bringing colleagues closer together

Allow employees to collaborate on their terms, with advanced and easy-to-use conferencing features, accessible from the office, home, or on-the-road

Call conferencing

Access pre-defined conference rooms, or convert a two-way voice call into a dynamic conference whenever needed. Use drag & drop within to easily add colleagues to the conversation.

Video meetings

Scheduled or ad-hoc meetings, with HD-video and an intuitive grid view that enables effective team collaboration. Benefit from in-meeting participant chat, and screen share functionality, either sharing your desktop or a single application.

Meeting management

Meetings can be scheduled with drag-and-drop functionality, and the ability to send out attendee emails or calendar links. It’s also possible to create ‘public’ meetings, accessible to anyone with a meeting link via their web browser.

Built for modern working

CallSwitch voice conferencing and video meetings are accessible on our Communicator App on both desktop and mobile, or via our Web App – supported by all leading web browsers, allowing employees to work from anywhere.

Manage meetings effectively 

CallSwitch enables users to start end participate in meetings with simplicity and control. Drag-and-drop to add participants to either scheduled or ad-hoc meeting, and add non-Callswitch users by creating a public meeting, and adding their email or phone number.
Send participants emails to ensure their attendance, prompt them if they’re required to share screens, and mute individual or multiple participants to ensure meetings are run with maximum efficiency.

Products to meet your unique business needs

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Our industry leading UCaaS solution enables teams to centralise voice, video, instant messaging, call recording, online meetings, and more, on the devices that work best for them.

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Our cloud-native compliance call recording solution, including AI powered transcription, PCI redaction, voice analytics and sentiment analysis - secured with military grade encryption.

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