Deliver regulatory compliance with confidence

Businesses operating in regulated industries need solutions they can trust first time, every time. Discover award-winning call recording with CallCabinet, delivering AI-driven compliance and analytics to businesses globally for over a decade.
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Add compliance to your UCaaS solution

Deliver cloud-based compliance that follows the user with automatic capture of calls, screens, and video on a broad range of enterprise UC platforms. CallCabinet offers secure, encrypted storage – with global availability and industry-leading SLAs.

Supporting global technology providers

As well as seamless integration with our CallSwitch platform, CallCabinet operates with almost all leading UC solutions including, Asterisk, 3CX, Broadsoft, Avaya, and more – and is certified by Microsoft Teams, Cisco, and Zoom.

Compliance-first architecture

CallCabinet leverages the Azure network, enabling global deployment, 99.999% uptime, infinite data storage, and ensuring geo-redundancy, secured with multi-factor authentication and 256-bit AES encryption.

AI-powered business insights

Unlock valuable business insights from your call-recording data, using AI-driven voice and speech analytics that identifies key words and phrases, and tracks emotional context using tone, pacing, and language clues.

Regulatory compliance for financial services

Financial services companies commonly advise customers regarding transactions over the phone, and often operate in multinational environments where multiple regulations are in effect.
Automatic capture of all calls combined with long-term, geo-redundant, and immutable storage meets MIFID-II and Dodd-Frank requirements, with 256bit AES encryption and multi-factor authentication protecting customer information.

PCI protection for retail and E-commerce

Protect payment information on transactions made via phone with AI voice analytics automatically identifying spoken financial data, masking the audio file during playback, and redacting the information from screenshots and transcriptions
All call recordings are stored and encrypted within the CallCabinet high-speed cloud network, offering global resilience and meeting data sovereignty requirements – allowing businesses to operate with confidence.

Call recording for healthcare providers

Healthcare and medical organisations deal with highly sensitive personal information and managing GDPR compliance is an essential part of day-to-day operations, with securing data essential, as well as offering patients new rights with regards to call-recording.
Atmos achieves GDPR compliance by providing the ability to turn off recording in situations where permission is not obtained, with any recordings encrypted and secured behind multi-factor authentication.

Unlock vital business insights

CallCabinet voice analytics enables companies to unlock the data within their call recordings, measuring key words, phrases, and even emotion to deliver actionable insights that help improve customer experience, agent performance, and quality assurance.
Create custom metrics, and search for calls that meet specific criteria including call type, sentiment, or content, to help you improve products and services, train staff, or develop new contact centre processes.

Products to meet your unique business needs

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Our industry leading UCaaS solution enables teams to centralise voice, video, instant messaging, call recording, online meetings, and more, on the devices that work best for them.

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Omnichannel made simple, with voice, email, web-chat, social media, WhatsApp Business, and more, centralised to a single screen, with seamless third party integrations and ticketing.

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Our cloud-native compliance call recording solution, including AI powered transcription, PCI redaction, voice analytics and sentiment analysis - secured with military grade encryption.

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