AI-powered voice analytics software 

Our innovative voice analytics engine enables companies to unlock a wealth of data from their call recordings, measuring key words, phrases, and even emotion to deliver actionable insights that help improve customer experience, agent performance, and quality assurance.
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Discover AI-driven communications insights

CallCabinet unlocks the data hidden within your voice data to provide vital business intelligence.

Understand what was said...

Natural Language Processing algorithms enable accurate transcription, making it possible to measure the usage of key words & phrases, including industry-specific terms and jargon

... and beyond what was said

The CallCabinet AI engine can detect sentiment and emotional context using tone, pacing, and language clues, allowing you to explore data by types of sentiment expressed.

Obtain actionable insights

Because CallCabinet can accurately separate caller and agent transcription, it’s easy to measure customer experience, evaluate agent performance, and deliver quality assurance

Granular metrics & search tools

Create custom metrics to measure agent performance, and search for calls that meet specific criteria including call type, sentiment, or content, to help with evaluation and training

Improved contact centre resolution times

McKinsey research indicates up to 40% improvement in ticket resolution times for businesses who utilise AI-analytics, including voice and sentiment analysis tools. Alongside this they can see, on average, a 20% uplift in self-service containment and a 15% reduction in repeat calls.


improvement in ticket resolution times

Measure customer experience

Accurate transcription allows voice data to be searched accurately for specific terms and phrases, with additional voice analytics tools that build an emotive picture using voice pacing, volume, pitch, and tonality.
Track caller sentiment, and how that sentiment changes through a call, applying learnings to improved contact centre scripts and processes.

Agent evaluation dashboard

Review agent performance with KPIs available including professionalism, communication skills, compliance, effectiveness, and politeness, and search for bespoke terms and industry-specific phrases.
Set thresholds for crosstalk, silence, or specific customer sentiments to assist with agent training or dispute resolution.

Maintain regulatory compliance

Whatever the industry, compliance is assured with CallCabinet. Particularly for contact centres, or any businesses taking cardholder-not-present (CNP) payments, Atmos maintains PCI-DSS compliance with automatic redaction of financial information from calls and screen recordings, delivering protection for both the customer and the business.

Products to meet your unique business needs

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Our industry leading UCaaS solution enables teams to centralise voice, video, instant messaging, call recording, online meetings, and more, on the devices that work best for them.

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Our cloud-native compliance call recording solution, including AI powered transcription, PCI redaction, voice analytics and sentiment analysis - secured with military grade encryption.

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