Video conferencing made easy…and free

CallSwitch Meet is a free web and app-based HD video meeting service, including chat and screen sharing facilities, and the ability to set up password-protected ‘meeting rooms’, launched during Covid-19 to support partners and customers.
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CallSwitch Meet unified communications

Free HD video conferencing

No installation required

Includes screen sharing & chat

Fully secure with 256bit encryption

Enjoy secure, high-quality online meetings

CallSwitch Meet is a high definition video conferencing service, enabling you to hold engaging video meetings with colleagues and customers, including in-meeting participant chat, screen sharing, group mute, and ‘hand raise’. The solution has also been built with security in mind, offering 256bit encryption and the ability to set up password-protected meeting rooms.

Simple to access – no install or login required

You can use CallSwitch Meet in any desktop web browser simply by visiting There is no need to download and install a local application, grant any onerous permissions, or even register for an account to make use of the service. Simply visit the link, choose a meeting room name, and start using the service.
For mobile users, we have even developed a CallSwitch Meet app, available as a free download from the App Store and Google Play.

100% open source and free for life

We used our 100% open-source architecture to build CallSwitch Meet, which means you can use it without needing to purchase or register for any kind of license. And CallSwitch Meet isn’t restricted to just commercial use – we built the solution to support people through Covid-19, from teams operating remotely without full Unified Communications, through to families trying to keep in touch during national restrictions.

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