Enhance your customer experience

Deliver more engaging and cohesive experiences by connecting your customers and agents with omnichannel communications. Gain insights into your most meaningful data for enhanced agent efficiency, optimised customer experience, and vital business insights. 
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Deliver experiences that delight your customers

Provide the seamless, personalised experience your customers want with the industry-leading contact centre solutions that combine intelligent routing, omnichannel presence, and seamless third-party integrations with a broad range of business-critical tools.  

Meet your customers where they are

Deliver a consistent experience however customers choose to communicate. Whether they reach out via phone, email, Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, webchat, contact forms, or chatbots, manage all your responses on one platform.  

Connect with customers from anywhere  

Provide agents with the ability to connect and collaborate from wherever they are, on whichever device they choose. With innovative web-browser access, deliver excellent service from the office, home, or in a hybrid environment.   

Discover AI-driven insights

Our CallCabinet call recording solution includes voice analytics that spots keywords and phrases from customer interactions, whilst detecting voice pace, pitch, and volume – Providing actionable data for improving agent performance and optimising customer experience.  

Deliver consistency and collaborate freely 

Deliver a consistent customer experience by centralising all customer touchpoints into a single unified and customer-centric timeline with all channels and integrations visible on a single screen. 
Never ask customers for the same information twice. Quickly view customer notes and tickets, conversation history, marketing received by the customer, as well as payments and refunds, saving time and delivering a frictionless experience. 

Third-party integrations

Discover an industry-leading range of third-party integrations that drive efficiency by providing agents with all the information, precisely when they need it. 
  • Two-way integration into Salesforce and Zendesk 
  • Access orders and deliveries with e-commerce tools including EKM and Shopify.
  • Review invoices, payments, and returns with integration into Xero accounting platform. 
  • View email marketing campaigns in platforms including Mailchimp and Klayvio.

Powerful reporting and automation

With powerful automations, you can do more with less effort. Enhance agent efficiency with workflow automation and gain an understanding of contact-centre efficiency with real-time reporting.  
  • Use chatbots to respond to common enquiries or gather more information before handing it off to an agent. 
  • Build automated workflows and set pre-configured reminders and replies. 
  • Build wallboards for real-time reporting including calls answered, talk time, wait times, unanswered calls, and more. 
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Voice analytics for customer experience

CallCabinet enables businesses to obtain wealth of business intelligence from their phone interactions. Providing AI-driven voice analytics that deliver instant insight by analysing 100% of customer calls and allowing voice data to be searched via specific terms, sentiments, or key phrases. 
This enables call recordings to be mined for insights on customer satisfaction, agent performance or script adherence, to drive improvements in processes, train employees, and resolve disputes.

Products to meet your unique business needs

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Our industry leading UCaaS solution enables teams to centralise voice, video, instant messaging, call recording, online meetings, and more, on the devices that work best for them.

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Omnichannel made simple, with voice, email, web-chat, social media, WhatsApp Business, and more, centralised to a single screen, with seamless third party integrations and ticketing.

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Our cloud-native compliance call recording solution, including AI powered transcription, PCI redaction, voice analytics and sentiment analysis - secured with military grade encryption.

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