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We aim to help every partner succeed through our UCaaS partner programme 
Whether you’re using the TelcoSwitch name or leveraging our white-label telecoms, everyone gets the support they need to deliver first-class services to any business across the country.  
However, it could be argued how the latter is slightly trickier, as you’re not only getting to grips with brand new software, but you also need to create meaningful sales and marketing material.  
So, lets steer you in the right direction, with just four rather important things to consider when crafting the perfect brand, ready to deliver UCaaS solutions with distinction.  


Think about your main purpose  

Why do you offer UCaaS?  
It’s important to position yourself with evidently defined goals, otherwise you’ll look shallow and without clear understanding of your end-user’s needs.  
Try and organise messaging into the following system – ‘why’, ‘how’ and finally, ‘what’.  
The ‘why’ is most important and should always lead marketing efforts, as this breaks apart any scepticism people may have around your brand’s existence.    
In software, this could be ‘helping small businesses scale faster’, or ‘giving customers multiple channels to communicate.’ 
People well accustomed to UCaaS will probably know ‘how’ this gets done, such as unified solutions being used to deliver voice, video, and messaging channels.  
Regarding your ‘what’, it’s usually a case of packaging your product to meet the needs and price expectations of your customers. This comes down to understanding the businesses you are aiming to serve and having a good knowledge of your competition.  
Also, consider mixing up your messaging through each stage of the buying process, keeping benefit-led messages at the core of your efforts, simply because the strongest parts of your solutions will take centre stage.  
To achieve this, our customers get a constantly evolving library of white-label assets prepared by our in-house product experts, giving them the tools needed to successfully market UCaaS solutions.  


Find your tone of voice

Discover your audience and learn how to speak with them – it’s really that simple.  
And remember, your brand’s voice should be consistent, whereas tone can be subject to change depending on context, channel, subject matter, and audience. 
For example, retail environments selling clothes to younger demographics may share their customers preference for lively marketing and an informal tone, whereas financial services are often formal by design, so messaging will need to be changed accordingly to incorporate more detailed technical information.  
If you’re struggling to find your voice, in our own guidelines, we prioritise being informative, genuine, and compassionate. These qualities speak volumes in UCaaS sales, and we consider them a great place to start. 


Develop strategic marketing

Once you’ve found a suitable tone of voice, it’s all about marketing yourself.  
These days, channel partners call upon several channels, whether that’s leveraging their Google presence, email campaigns, or social media.  
Be consistent, never publish content for the sake of it, and track everything. That way, it’s easier to modify efforts for stronger impact later down the line.  
And, for lots of UCaaS brands, it’s all about improving efficiency, which is why recently, self-service platforms have started to become increasingly prevalent.   
Use these digital spaces to automate smaller sales, freeing up people to focus on bigger picture stuff, and with logistical restraints brushed aside, you can connect with far more customers.  
Once your store is made, consider implementing an omnichannel experience, as this offers customers the option to communicate through a variety of channels, such as chat bots, which further automate processes by offering quick responses to common queries.  


Know your products 

Your products are the driving force behind any success, which is why you must understand precisely what they are and who they’re best suited for.  
The deeper your understanding of telecoms software, the more likely your brand becomes a reliable source that adequately deals with customer problems.  
It’s also worth thinking ahead, with focus on what changes are on the horizon and how this will impact some of your customers.  
For example, recent Statista research showed that 65% of employees expect to be working either partly or fully remotely moving forward, so it’s worth getting you head around remote office software, before this shift starts taking a real stranglehold.  


Join the TelcoSwitch Academy

We offer much more than just one-off telecoms training courses 
You’ll get blog ideas, social media scheduling, and entire campaigns all laid out for you, along with free training to boost your sales, support, and technical functions, which gives our partners official accreditation to sell and foster our services.  
Follow our guidance, and you’ll soon become subject matter experts, laying key foundations for that all-important first order.  
Before long, you’ll be calling the shots, and that means qualifying which sales are worth pursuing becomes vital for your brand.  
Download our eBook ‘Qualifying UCaaS Opportunities’ to learn how you can streamline sales processes.  
Download here  
Use our product branding or modify templates to fit your own, either way, contact us for more information.  
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