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CallSwitch Business already offers a host of ways to connect, through desktop clients, mobile apps, and traditional desk phones providing a solution fit for office, home and hybrid working environments. But we’ve taken this a step further with the introduction of CallSwitch WebRTC (Web Real-Time Communications), increasing mobility by allowing users to access CallSwitch’s powerful set of features directly from their web-browser, without the need for applications.
CallSwitch WebRTC is compatible with leading web browsers including Google Chrome, Safari, Mozilla Firefox, and Microsoft Edge, enhancing mobility by allowing users to access CallSwitch’s powerful set of features from any desktop PC, Mac, iPad, or mobile device.
There are a number of benefits for businesses using WebRTC and we’ve listed a few below.


Simplified deployment
IT departments and administrators are sure to love WebRTC given the significantly reduced IT headache when it comes to deployment and support. As no software installation is required, WebRTC is a great option for new employees who may be home workers, enabling laptops to be deployed without any configuration required when it comes to communications. And ongoing there are no concerns with software update requirements, or risk that future releases of Windows or Mac OS might render an installed application incompatible or inoperable.


Without any application installed, WebRTC allows CallSwitch Business users to utilise their web browser to make and receive calls, send and receive instant messages and files, create and join call conferences, access company directories, and even attend online meetings. Simply login on a supported web browser, and you’re good to go.


Making collaboration simpler is one of the major benefits of WebRTC. With only the browser required to access real-time audio and video conferences, teams can access meetings online without hassle. With no time wasted configuring a computer or tablet, teams can operate more effectively. The flexibility of real-time video and audio communication can help resolve more issues in a timely manner, regardless of the devices being used.


WebRTC not only helps teams work more efficiently but also helps businesses reduce costs as no hardware is required and, in the case of CallSwitch, we don’t charge any additional licensing fees to make use of WebRTC.


Below is a list of unified communication features users can access from a single browser window:
  •     View and access CallSwitch directory with grid and list view available.
  •     Make and receive calls via the dialler, clicking from the contacts list, or by drag & drop.
  •     Instant messaging, with group and direct options, and file sharing supported.
  •     Call conferencing, both instant and pre-defined conference rooms.
  •     Video meeting access to pre-arranged CallSwitch meetings.
  •     Unified voicemail access including download capability.
  •     View and edit presence settings.


To learn more about how TelcoSwitch can support your business with industry-leading cloud-based communication and collaboration solutions, or to hear about our channel partner opportunities, email us at [email protected] or call 03301227000. 
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